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Today, SEO plays a big role and will continue to be so in the future especially with a stiffer competition for online visibility. Its main function of improving traffic to websites through search engines is what makes it a standout among the other web marketing tools available on the internet.

Through the years, the SEO process has continually experienced upgrades to suit the advancing needs of web users. And this trend is just fitting because of the growth of the technology industry and the sprouting of SEO companies. Various additional tools have popped out to enhance SEO results and surely, more will come out in the coming years. There are so many free downloadable software today that web owners can rely on if they lack funds while companies who can afford can turn to the paid tools. As SEO campaigns become more effective, SEO firms are also adjusting to technology by adapting to new formats of search results. Of course, you have noticed that apart from the plain-text content, other forms of media like images, video and audio or the podcasts are now included in search engine result pages. The common goal here is to achieve the targeted visibility and eventually more traffic volume to websites. For the past ten years since the SEO technology attained its popularity, strategies in applying quality SEO has also improved although the basics are still the same. For one, the SEO process has become more personalized in an effort to be more effective. For example, Google is now providing varied search results to users depending on their location. If a web user searches for information within its locality, he or she can readily get results by clicking his own country. In addition, search engines are faster in detecting the speed at which a website obtains links. If your site is new and instantly shows a big amount of high PageRank pages, search engines will think that you are mainly dependent on link buying or link renting and will not give you a high ranking for those links. 
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