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Reading tips on getting a higher page rank, will help you and your website. I have been contacted numerous times by website owners who need help with page rank. I email different people everyday to give my page rank tips. I am tired of repeating myself and hopefully this page will help everyone understand how they can get a high page rank on search results.  

What do I tell my friends and contacts about getting their website ranked high? Like I have tried so many times to say on other webpages, building strong and helpful content is important. I am sure website developers have heard this page rank tip before. Content is the absolute most important tip on getting your website noticed from Google, MSN, Yahoo and other search engines.

The more information that you share with your viewers the better. Google expecially loves to see helpful and factful content on websites. Many website owners get excited about building a website and get wrapped up in the design and layout. They forget the hard part. The hard part to building a website is to get visitors to your website. How do you get visitors to your website, building strong content and applying good Search Engine Optimization. There are also additional ways to get free traffic to your site, read traffic tips here!

"Is that all, just build content to my pages and my page rank will be high"?
This was a recent question that was asked by a website owner. I wanted to just say "Yes that's it" but I didn't. I was to the point of not wanting to give any more details on page rank. I had already sent out several free tips via email on this subject. After replying to another help question on page rank, I was determined to build this additional page. Here is what I tell my contacts: Build good content, learn seo, learn keyword placement, apply meta tags and descriptions,  make your site look good and make sure that your visitors are able to navigate comfortably at your site.

Having a good navigation helps with returning visitors to your website. Having returning visitors helps your page rank. If you apply all the steps above, you will be found easier and have a good page rank. Don't just apply content to one webpage and think your whole website will be noticed or ranked because of that one page. Each page needs quality content. If you have problems adding content to your site, you can contact me for website help! 
Quality Content+SEO+Link Popularity= Good Search Engine Page Rank
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