Top Best Blogging Platforms 2013

Hi all!! After Google latest update Penguin 2.0, few techniques are more effective like blogging. Blogging is growing day by day and there are many platforms which allow people to blog without spending a penny. If you are passionate about blogging and want to start a blog for no charges, this post will help choose from the top free blog service providers.

I myself started on blogspot and after years of learning and experimenting I started this blog on WordPress. Although my personal choice will always remain WordPress but for blogging enthusiasts the options are many. You can play around with each and in time you will be sure what to use and what you should not.

Blogging Platforms are the only reason for the Internet growth. Internet users would never spend their time online if there were no contents to be found.
As more and more people get interested in using blogging platforms, here are few the best blogging platforms.

1. Blogspot : Also known as blogger. Its the well known and trusted blogging platform. The best of its feature is that it controlled by Google. If you can trust gmail for keeping your private files then you can definitely trust as well.

2. WordPress: If you're starting a blog you might find to be the simplest and least expensive option. Though it's not an easy blogging platform if you are a newbie but if  spend a little bit of your time you will definitely find WordPress great. Here you make your own blog or website for free or paid. Great blogging platform.

3. Weebly: As per my view, Weebly is very simple to use blogging as well as designer platforms on Internet. Free powerful hosting included, drag-and-drop website builder, choose from hundreds of free themes and many more features of it.
4. HubPages: At Hubpages you can blog almost about any topic. The best part about Hubpages that if you are a passionate blogger then you can also earn money from your posts. For getting better traffic, through Hub pages because it is due to the fact that  Hubpages is an established site. 

I hope this post will make few more people interested in blogging.


LiveJournal (LJ) is a virtual community where Internet users can keep a blog, journal or diary. LiveJournal is also the name of the free and open source server software that was designed to run the LiveJournal virtual community. LiveJournal’s blogging features include those found in similar blogging sites (multiple authors, commenting, calendars, and polls).

However, LiveJournal differentiates itself from other blogging sites by its WELL-like features of a self-contained community and some social networking features similar to other social networking sites. offers free blog hosting powered by latest WordPress version. You can easily publish text, podcasts, pictures, media files and more with just a single mouse click.

7.Blogsome : easy, choose any kind of WordPress theme, upload photos, personalize your design and start blogging right now. You can also browse samples of the latest posts and blogs. The also offers forums where you can search for any type of answers, read important documentation in relation of the service and terms of use, and you must ask really smart questions so to become part of this community. What the blogsome website intends is to offer a clean service, so when users are found to be using stolen content from other websites as a means of generating traffic, they immediately remove this blogs and cease service.

8.Edublogs :
The World’s most popular education blogging service. Edublogs lets you easily create & manage student & teacher blogs, quickly customize designs and include videos, photos & podcasts – it’s safe, easy and secure.

There are more blogging platforms but the given here are more effective free and high pagerank.
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