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Hey! Everyone can do SEO Marketing and SEO and Website Marketing is an art and a science. 

SEO Marketing and Website Marketing StatisticsPromoting a business online takes time. Actually, promoting a website begins with SEO, which requires extensive writing (optimized blog posts, web pages, articles, etc.). SEO Marketing is to integrate the coding into the website. After this is accomplished, it is time to increase the website's popularity. But it can be very easy to explain, it is a very complex and time consuming process to execute. Getting the most out of your on-page SEO marketing strategy begins with understanding the fundamental purpose of SEO. And on page SEO contains :

On-Page SEO Marketing Strategy

Relevant content
User experience
Site performance and proper function
Site authority or indication that the site is a reputable source

Use these tips to increase the effectiveness of your strategy and boost traffic like SEO magic!

Understand Function
Know Your Keywords and How to Use Them
Cater to the Local Searcher 
Craft Carefully

It is almost like saying any one can cook and although this is true we all can’t get a job as a chef, the reason is that we all simply do not understand all concepts of food. The same I would say for my industry, SEO Marketing. Start developing interesting, unique, quality/shareable content, on a consistent basis. Personally, I am fascinated by case histories of internet marketing strategies that are working and what is not, as well as theories of why. In terms of generating leads or making sales I am fan of SEO via content marketing (blogs) and using social media marketing to drive “eyeballs” to the blogs (content). This creates a synergy with both SEO and SMO strategies and I find that it works well.

But not everyone agrees. Some say that SEO and SMO work best for B-B applications that are targeted for niche markets. They complain that trying to use SEO and SMO to target B-C markets with very competitive products is not working. But others would argue that you need to find a way to add more value to those commoditized products and remove them from the commoditized category. I would like to hear from other people about their experiences.

Here are some of the myths you need to move beyond to get smarter about SEO:

PageRank Still Matters
The More Inbound Links, the Better
Good SEO Is Basically About Trickery
Google Prefers Keyword-Rich Domains
Websites Must Be 'Submitted' to Search Engines
Metatag Descriptions Help Your Rankings

Few the best SEO & Internet Marketing Books:

The Art of SEO
Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords
ProBlogger : Blogging Your Way to A Six-Figure Income
Don’t Make Me Think! A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability
Web Analytics 2.0 : The Art of Online Accountability and Science of Customer Centricity

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