Google Provides Advice to Site Owners Ahead of April 21st Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Change

Do you think that your website is mobile friendly or responsive? If your answer is NO, than its going to be very hard to survive in the Google’s organic search results after 21st April, as Google introduces its algorithm update.

Google Provides Advice to Site Owners Ahead of April 21st Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Change
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First quick points:

Ahead of Google’s upcoming mobile-friendly algorithm change, the search giant is providing advice to site owners on common mistakes to avoid when converting your site to a mobile-friendly design.
In fact, Google sought advice from its own webmaster community on Twitter and compiled a list of the most commonly mentioned mobile mistakes.

Here is an overview of each:
  • Blocked JavaScript, CSS and image files: In order for Googlebot to see your site as a real user would, always allow access to these files in your site’s robots.txt.
  • Unplayable content: This consists of certain types of videos, or other content, that are not playable on mobile devices, such as license-constrained media or media that requires Flash.
  • Faulty redirects: If you have separate mobile URLs, you must redirect mobile users on each desktop URL to the appropriate mobile URL.
  • Mobile-only 404s: Some sites serve content to desktop users accessing a URL but show an error page to mobile users. Instead, redirect mobile users to an equivalent mobile page to avoid 404s.
  • App download interstitials: This is when websites block the view of pages with a prompt to download the site’s native app. Instead, use a small HTML banner at the top of the page.
  • Irrelevant cross-links: This is when users are linked to desktop-optimized pages from the mobile version of the site, and vice versa. Check your links to make sure that they point to the correct equivalent page.
  • Slow mobile pages: In order to avoid user frustration, ensure your mobile pages load quickly. You can check your page speed with Google PageSpeed Insights.
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Effective and affordable SEO Services is the mechanism that every organization need for the marketing perseverance. Now huge changes regarding SEO and Google’s search algorithms are going onwards 21st April. Google will expand the positioning of websites that delivers mobile-friendly experience to searchers on mobile devices. The update will have significant impact on mobile search results around the globe for mobile searchers.

Note that the mobile-friendly update influences only on mobile search result. For example, searches perform through smart devices and tablets – not on the searches performed on a desktop or laptop computer. Users will find it easier to catch appropriate, great superiority search results that are optimized for their devices.

A Giant update of Google’s search algorithm is that they will be extending their utilization of mobile friendliness as a positioning signal throughout search results from mobile. Google announced that the change will influence overall search results of mobile in all languages and will have a significant effect on their indexed lists. The update will make it simpler for clients to get appropriate, amazing outcomes that are optimized for their gadgets. You have some time till 21st April to verify that your business site is mobile-friendly or not, because the changes will be influenced after the mentioned date.

Google also states that, applications that are listed through App Indexing will start to show more prominently in search results of mobile. The users who are signed-in and had installed the application on their cell phones can only able to get benefited with this.

The algorithm is applied world-wide, page-by-page, on real-time premises for effective and affordable SEO Services. “World-Wide” implies that the algorithm upgrade influences mobile searchers and search results in every country at the same time, instead of simply taking off in the U.S. first and foremost. “Page-by-Page” implies that each page’s mobile appeal is judged independently. That’s good news if your eCommerce list is mobile friendly but your forums or other content segments are not. The unfriendly sections will not effect in your whole site to be positioned as unfriendly. “Real time” implies that you can hope to realize the mobile ranking advantage of buildingyour website mobile friendly on the go. The next time Googlebot crawl for your pages and confirms that they are recently mobile friendly, the algorithm which effect mobile friendliness would go for those individual pages.

It’s no mystery that having a mobile-friendly site is essential for your business, particularly from the time when mobile phones are part of ordinary life. If your business’ website is not providing mobile friendliness, you are losing on some great chances. 

Goal of Google is to improve the experience of searchers. It’s very frustrating situation when a searcher perform search on a phone and finding difficulty to click on the tiny link. On these kind of links a searcher can’t click without pinching and zooming.

Now Google is going to convert this hesitation into perfection in its search results; So that other mobile searchers will visit sites with progressive mobile experience. It bodes well from the searcher's point of view, which is the thing that matters to Google. However from eCommerce point of view, it could conceivably be an unreasonable upgrade regarding lost mobile traffic and revenue.

It’s very essential that you make your website responsive and mobile friendly before the new Google update takes upshot on April 21st.

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