Important SEO Techniques

The basic SEO techniques are nothing more than a couple of simple things you have to implement in your website.

Here’s the very basic of SEO: optimizing HTML code:
  • Titles
  • Meta keywords
  • Meta description
  • H1 tags
  • P tags
  • Alt attributes
That’s all there is to optimizing HTML code! Anybody that tells you there’s a whole lot of other thing to work on in the HTML code is wasting his time and your money. The only thing that has to be added is to keep HTML code clean and to not make too many code errors (some simple HTML code errors do not affect SEO)
All other SEO work that needs to be done is not related to the HTML code, but you should always start with the most basic SEO techniques and not try to do everything at once. It will get you results faster and it’s just a lot more fun to do it this way.

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