Importance Of Links And Link Popularity

Today online presence is most necessary with higher ranking of our website web pages. For that we know some ways like the link popularity. So lets know how link popularity can help your rankings? I am sharing the importance of links and link popularity article in easy and simple way.

Importance Of Links And Link Popularity

Link popularity speaks of the total number of links that a search engine has found for our Web page. High link popularity is good for high page rank. Websites not only have different page rank for each and every web pages but also have different link popularity.

As I say link popularity is important for high search engine ranking, so its necessary that the right websites link to you. The score of web page link popularity is defined by the number of other web pages that link to it which includes pages linking to your web site as well as links from pages on other web sites.

The particular link adds useless to the site which is linking to you. Its good to avoid keeping link on poor quality or spam sites - such type of links could reduce your reputation. Link popularity is now factored into most of the major search engines algorithms. So this is effective that you link to high pagerank websites and avoid to link 0 PR websites which are usefulness and called bad SEO method.

Here three types of links that will increase the link popularity of your site:

1. Internal links - helps search engine spiders find and index your most important pages quicker. Sitemap is the best example for internal links.
2. Inbound/incoming links - where you have links from sites you control and links from sites you don't control.
3. Outbound/outgoing links - refers to links pointing to other related sites from your site. Link keywords, link exchange & farms, link quality, link popularity software are some factors of outbound links. These are one of the cheapest forms of marketing available.

Remember, high link popularity, more visitors and more sales. So try the best to get more relevant outbound and inbound links for increasing ranking for particular keywords, however to will also increase your rankings for other keywords. There are other lots of link popularity software/tools and best SEO tools you can use but it may be little expensive too.

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