Top 10 SEO Tips To Rank High

Welcome to the world of BEST SEO STEPS. Its important for increasing your website's traffic and page-rank today. SEO is the process for getting your desire result. 

Follow the given top simple and short Top 10 SEO Tips To Rank High and you will attract a lot of traffic and definitely grow your exponentially.

1. Keyword in Domain name / Keyword in Post URL -

2. Keywords in Title tag, headings, meta description and in Body - Keywords is important

3. Interlinking - Its good that Link contains keyword and Interlink all your related post. If outbound links, they must be good site.

4. Add alt tags and title in all of your images - Optimise Images

5. Write quality content and provide fresh content to your visitors - Quality Contents & Fresh Content (Content is King)

6. Share your article on Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc and get more likes - Google likes Social Media

7. Add your post title and main keywords in H1tag - Must use H1 Tag

8. You have the Title and Description Meta tags which are the two important ones you should concentrate on - Meta Tags are important

9. USe bold, italicize or underline some of the keywords on your page because Google assumes that this is one of your keywords - USe bold, italicize or underline Of your Keywords

10. Sitemap that tell search engines about the structure and your web site - Produce an HTML Sitemap

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